Whether I’m throwing on the wheel or hand building, I work from the heart. My goal is to create pieces that work for you and add delight to your life.

My vases, bowls, wine bottle holders have layers of color and texture and sculptural accents. My mug handles with leaves give your thumb the perfect resting place while enjoying your cup of coffee or tea.

The treasure jars add a whimsical touch to your home or office. I texture them all around (even with secrets inside) add buttons or hearts and glaze them inside and out to hold flowers, candy, jewelry, even paper clips.

Price ranges for my pieces:  (please email for specific item price at susangt50@gmail.com 

$20 wine/tea/whiskey cups

$30 mugs, $25-55 bowls

$35-50 jars

$35-85 vases

$35-75 platters and leaf plates

4 thoughts on “Ceramics

  1. Happy to have met you and seen your work at the Gathering of the Guilds. Looking forward to seeing more!


  2. Hi Susan! You will soon be featured on the POA Instagram site @http://www.instagram.com/oregonpotters. Next Friday share with your friends and customers and enjoy the spotlight. Remember to encourage them to like and share to increase the number of people who will see the post. Thank you!


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